Contribution to regional energy turnaround

The biowaste anaerobic digestion plant and biomethane feed-in facility in Sinsheim

Turning waste into green energy – Since autumn 2019, a state-of-the-art biowaste anaerobic digestion plant has been in operation at the landfill site run by the waste disposal company of the Rhine-Neckar District. With an investment volume of around Euro 45 million, this ambitious flagship project will boost disposal security in the Rhine-Neckar District on a long-term basis. Not just that: It marks a decisive step forward in reaching the objectives targeted by politicians, such as regional climate protection and an independent regional energy supply.

When the location was chosen, particular attention was paid to ensuring that the necessary infrastructure was already largely in place, thus eliminating the risk of disruptions to traffic or any other possible disturbances for local residents when the plant was being built and operations subsequently began.

The plant processes around 60,000 tonnes of biowaste a year to generate around 40 million kilowatt hours of biogas and quality-assured dry compost. The crude gas is purified into biomethane in a separate plant and fed into MVV’s regional natural gas grid.

MVV holds a 41.5 % stake in AVR BioGas GmbH, the company implementing the project. As a competent and experienced partner, MVV is contributing its expertise in biogas purification and in feeding the gas into the grid.

Further information can be found at:  AVR UmweltService


Dr. Christian Hower-Knobloch
Geschäftsführer MVV Umwelt GmbH


Uwe Zickert
Managing Director of MVV Umwelt GmbH