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Who are MVV?

MVV Environment (“MVV”) is a subsidiary company of MVV Umwelt. "Umwelt" is the German word for "environment". Both companies are members of German utility company MVV Energie AG, whose headquarters are in Mannheim. MVV Umwelt provides flexible solutions for waste disposal, producing environmentally sustainable energy.

With currently around 6,000 employees and consolidated sales of 4.1 billion Euro (financial year 2016), MVV Energie AG is Germany's largest publicly listed municipality network. The majority shareholder of MVV Energie AG is the City of Mannheim, thus guaranteeing the company's stability and ensuring the close relationship between the local utility company and the people of Mannheim. The company has developed its waste management, Combined Heat and Power and biomass energy portfolio through MVV Umwelt, the German parent company of MVV Environment.

What experience do MVV have of operating Energy from Waste facilities like Baldovie?

In the UK MVV Environment operates an Energy from Waste facility in Plymouth with an annual capacity of 245,000 tonnes and a Biomass facility at Ridham Dock (Kent), which uses 172,000 tonnes of old and waste wood for the generation of usable energy.

MVV Umwelt has over 50 years’ experience in building and operating waste management facilities in Germany and wants to bring this experience to the UK. It is in the top three companies in Germany in providing flexible solutions for waste disposal, producing environmentally sustainable energy. The efficient and highly successful German plants operate process steam systems and power generation as well as processing around 1.6 million tonnes of waste per year.

Will MVV continue to operate Baldovie?

MVV will continue to operate the current Baldovie facility for up to 3 years whilst it builds a new state of the art facility on the adjoining plot of land to the south. The new facility will then operate for 25 years managing the household waste from Dundee and Angus which is not recycled by householders at the kerbside. It will also manage similar waste from commercial and industrial premises in the Dundee and Angus area after they have separated the wastes which can be recycled such as paper; cardboard; plastics and metals.

What will happen to the existing staff?

The existing staff will continue to operate the Baldovie facility with support from MVV’s staff elsewhere in the UK and from Germany.

What will be different when MVV operate the Baldovie facility?

The general operation of the Baldovie facility should remain the same from the outside. At the same time, MVV will aim to use its experience to improve its performance and emissions levels and to reduce the activities which have given rise to complaints in the past.

MVV will employ a full time Community Liaison Manager to engage with the local community. She will be able to answer any questions people may have about what is happening and what is planned. Once construction starts on the new facility she will be able to organise visits to the site.

Will you notice any difference to the way our waste is collected?

No. Dundee and Angus Councils will continue to collect waste as they do now, and residents of Dundee and Angus should not notice any difference.

When will MVV build the replacement facility?

MVV has planning permission to build the replacement Energy from Waste Combined Heat and Power Facility and will start construction early in 2018. Construction will take between 2 and 3 years. MVV will not burn waste in both plants at the same time.

What are the advantages of building a new facility?

MVV has extensive experience planning, building and operating Energy from Waste plants. The focus of the technical development of the plants has always been on energy efficiency. By generating usable heat and electrical power at the same time, the facility uses the energy contained in the waste to a maximum, setting a European standard for this kind of power plant.

Who will regulate the operations?

The operation of the existing Baldovie facility and the new Energy from Waste Combined Heat and Power Facility will have to comply with the Thermal Treatment of Waste Regulations 2014 issued by the Scottish Government. In addition, both facilities will be operated in accordance with a Pollution Prevention Permit issued by Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA). Regular reports on the operation of the plant will have to be made to SEPA and they will make visits to inspect the operations, some of which will be without giving advance notice.

Will there be any opportunities for local companies to become involved In the project?

MVV will encourage local companies to participate in the construction of the new Energy from Waste Combined Heat and Power Facility.

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