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All forms of energy – to boost your performance

Energy is one of the most important commodities in any production activity and plays a key role in determining production profitability. We can provide you with precisely the energy you need for your production processes. In this, we accord top priority to supply reliability. Our wealth of experience in load management ensures that you can make optimal, uninterrupted use of the energy you need for your production.

Just as much energy as you need
We supply energy in the form of electricity, steam or compressed air, as well as supplying companies on site with utilities such as coolant, drinking water, fully desalinated water, boiler feed water and nitrogen. Our high-capacity pipeline grid enables us to transport these utilities safely and quickly to where they are needed. Not only that, you can also transport your own utilities via our pipeline bridges, thus establishing various material exchange systems with your customers and partners.

We can enhance your energy efficiency
Alongside our generation, procurement and distribution activities, we can also provide you with competent, application-based energy consulting services intended to optimise the use of electrical and material energies in your production and boost their profitability. This way, we can significantly enhance your company’s energy efficiency.

Our power pack
The fuel requirements at our RDF cogeneration plant amount to around 90,000 tonnes of refuse-derived fuel (RDF) a year. That is equivalent to around 20 truckloads per workday. The power plant uses this fuel to produce around 35 megawatts of heating energy, corresponding to around 90 percent of peak demand at Gersthofen Industrial Park. With annual CO2 savings of around 20,000 tonnes, our RDF power plant thus not only reduces the use of fossil fuels, but also helps protect the

RDF power plant

To reduce dependence on fossil fuels, we launched operations with an RDF power plant at Gersthofen Industrial Park in 2009. By working with refuse-derived fuel, this plant not only eases your budget, but also benefits our environment. A reduction in CO2 emissions and ecologically-based production – that is our contribution towards a clean future.


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