Your partners for a good and well-balanced diet

We are passionate about cooking

At Gersthofen Industrial Park we operate a company restaurant that prepares more than 1,500 meals each day. These gastronomic services benefit staff working at Gersthofen Industrial Park, as well as children and pensioners via the lunch services offered by various institutions and organisations. These include schools and childcare centres located in the immediate vicinity of Gersthofen, a rehabilitation centre and “Meals on Wheels”.

We see providing you with a good diet as our responsibility.

The food we provide should be healthy, well-balanced, nutritious, fresh and tasty. Ideally, it should also be inexpensive. But is it really possible to do all that? That is exactly what our company restaurant has achieved for many years now. Here, we meet all relevant requirements each and every day.

Our experience and the ongoing training we provide to our kitchen staff guarantee that are meals are not just delicious and affordable, but always freshly cooked and well balanced. And we do that every day of the week, 365 days a year.

Our Philosophy:

  • We have consistently high standards when it comes to product quality and taste.
  • Our most important suppliers come from the region and are inspected by us at regular intervals.
  • Our company restaurant is partly certified in line with organic food standards, thus helping to improve our ecological footprint.
  • We ensure short transport routes and have a responsible approach to dealing with foodstuffs.
  • We rely on e-mobility and deliver most of our food with electric vehicles.


Marian Reglin
Director of Company Restaurant
In case of emergencies
Information Hotline

+49 821 479 2101

“Passionate about cooking”

Your partner for a good well-balanced diet – the gastronomic services at Gersthofen Industrial Park are also available to other organisations.

You can find further information in our brochure (in german language):