Our Barby biomethane plant

Electricity and heat from renewable raw materials

With our biomethane plant in Barby near Magdeburg, the fourth plant of the biomethane cluster in the Magdeburger Börde went into operation in 2016. Around 60,000 tons of substrate are fermented to biogas in the plant every year. A broad mixture of different substrate types is used. The biogas produced by fermentation is processed on site to biomethane of natural gas quality and feed it into the natural gas system.

With the amount of gas generated in Barby, green electricity can be generated for an arithmetically 6,000 families in decentralised combined heat and power plants. In addition, 1,200 households can cover their heating requirements. More than 20 smaller and larger farms in the region supply the necessary substrates and take the fermentation residues again as fertiliser for the crops..

Network with other biomethane plants
In our four biomethane plants in the Madgeburger Börde we recycle almost 250,000 tonnes of substrate per year - in addition to renewable raw materials such as maize silage, manure and chicken manure from animal husbandry are also used. After fermentation, the substrates used are completely reused on site in the plant as valuable natural fertilizer and thus replace artificial fertilizer. This closes the circle, because new energy crops for the production of biomethane grow with the help of these valuable nutrients. The result is a sustainable recycling economy that does not produce any waste products. The energy generated is CO2-neutral, so that our four plants save a total of around 80,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.