Energy from biowaste

Our plant in Dresden produces biogas for sustainable power and heat production

Biogas is produced during the fermentation of biowaste. Our biowaste fermentation plant in Dresden-Klotzsche has a capacity of around 46,500 tonnes of biowaste per year for biogas production. This waste comes from the Saxon state capital and the neighbouring Zweckverband Abfallwirtschaft Oberes Elbtal.

Biogas treatment planned

The plant, which went into operation in 2017, has been part of our group of companies since 2018. It is therefore our first biogas plant in which municipal biowaste is used for fermentation.

With the construction of a biogas treatment plant, we will in future process the biogas obtained into biomethane and feed it into the gas grid.

Fermentation offers potential

The fermentation of biowaste offers enormous potential for energy recovery and thus supplements the subsequent composting with a further component of a sustainable recycling economy. On the one hand, this reduces the emission of greenhouse gases to the environment and, on the other, provides a substitute for fossil natural gas. We are therefore working on further biowaste fermentation projects throughout Germany and are currently developing a new plant in Bernburg/Saale in Saxony-Anhalt.


Dr. Michael Hofmann
Managing Director


Koray Karaadak
Managing Director